Are you currently working on or planning to build a payment product?

Then this is the conference for you! 

Payment Conference is meant for FinTech start-ups and payment professionals on how to build or integrate a Payment product.

This conference is not a platform for business and marketing promotion but for product owners and engineers aiming to build better Payment products.

TOP Keywords: 3D Secure 2.0, PSD2, Tokenization, AML, SEPA, Real Life Experience

The goal of PaymentConf is to bring together the FinTech professionals who are dealing with Payment innovation and regulation and are looking for answers about the latest advancements from compliance and technology angles. The target audience is product engineering and management departments. The event focus is an in-depth approach to sharing expertise from the technology practitioners working in the financial sector.


Target Audience:

The event addresses two key auditories: new FinTech projects & existing payment professionals.

FinTech Start-ups

You want to build a new FinTech product or add payment capabilities to the existing one. Why is PaymentConf valuable for you? The following questions will be answered:

  • What are the legal requirements and limitations for becoming a payment institution?
  • What protocols and technologies should be implemented to start sending payments?
  • What are the best practices for product launch and development?
  • How AML/KYC requirements should be addressed?
  • How does the Payments market look like in the region?

The main value for FinTech Start-ups is a clear understanding of the scope of work and technologies involved in entering the heavily regulated payments market.


Payment Professionals

You are a payment professional working in a bank or a financial institution. There are new standards in the industry, namely 3D Secure 2.0, SCA, PSD2, SEPA Instant. There are new payment card technologies becoming available, such as Tokenization, Payment Scheme New Cloud APIs, NFC payments, etc. The following answers will be provided:

  • How to implement and be compliant with the new payment-related standards?
  • What are the technical limitations and challenges for the new standard implementation?
  • How should payment systems be built in 2020?
  • Is it worth investing in the development of new features and when is the best time to do it?
  • How is it possible to decrease TCO costs for payment systems?

The main value for Payments Professionals is getting a better understanding of where to invest efforts next for the existing payment product on the market.

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