Terms and Conditions

In case of any uncertainties, questions or problems, you can contact DevClub.lv CUSTOMER SERVICE, who works every business day from 9AM to 5PM (after Riga time), tel. +371-26326633, email: [email protected].

General provisions

      1. The website www.paymentconf.com (hereinafter the Site) and ticket sales through the Site are provided by “DevClub.lv biedrība”, reg. No: 40008154159 (here and after referred to as the DevClub.lv).
      2. By accessing and using the Site, viewing any section or fragment thereof and using any of its functionality, you agree to the DevClub.lv Privacy Policy.
      3. By making purchases of tickets, you (hereinafter the Buyer) certify that you have read and agree to these Terms of Use. In case if additional specific terms have been published for the purchase of tickets, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these additional terms.

Terms of Participation in the Conference

      1. Participation in the conference is paid in 100% prepayment and cannot be paid in parts.
      2. Payment is done in full without any charges and commissions. Participant must pay all the bank charges and commissions at own expense.
      3. Registration on the Organizer’s web-site does not guarantee participation in the conference until the registration fee is paid.
      4. Registration fee includes: coffee-breaks, lunch and evening networking after the conference, as well as conference materials.
      5. Registration fee does not include accommodation and travel expenses, and subsistence.
      6. Registration fee does not grant right to speak at the conference and share any advertising materials to the Participant.
      7. Participant agrees to comply with conference Code of Conduct referenced on the event web site.

Purchase and settlement procedures

      1. When making a payment, the Buyer confirms the conformity of the purchase content with his/her will.
      2. The payment must be made according to due date on invoice issued, or in case of payment cards processing in 15 minutes of the ticket selection, otherwise the ticket booking will be cancelled and the Buyer may not receive tickets. If this situation arises, the Buyer can contact the DevClub.lv customer service.
      3. The use of the Site services and the purchase and delivery of the ticket may be a subject for commission payable by the Buyer. For different tickets and payment methods this commission may vary. The size of the commission depends on the agreements closed with other parties involved in the process of service delivery.
      4. When purchasing a ticket, the Buyer may choose to receive additional services, for example, the delivery of an SMS ticket to the Buyer’s mobile phone for which a service charge is due. Charges for additional services are shown by choosing those services.

Procedure for returning, changing and refunds of event tickets

      1. Event tickets are not refunded nor changed to tickets to other events.
      2. It is possible to change attendee details and pass the purchased ticket to another person. This is performed according to the procedure described. 
      3. In case of cancellation of event, suspension or the change of its venue, all responsibility to Buyers, return of money or change of tickets is carried out by the organizer of the event. Commission fees and additional service charges are not refunded.

Procedure for changing attendee personal details on tickets

      1. In case Buyer wants to change the name of attendee on a ticket, he / she has to contact DevClub.lv by email [email protected] latest 3 days before the event providing all data (Name, Surname, Job Position, contact email) of the person whos ticket has to be changed and all data of a person who will attend instead.

Personal data processing rules

      1. In order to ensure the operation of the site and the provision of full services, DevClub.lv as personal data controller carries out the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments. For contacts with DevClub.lv for the processing of personal data, use the contact information of DevClub.lv specified on this page.
      2. DevClub.lv performs the following personal data processing:
        1. The purchase of data for the purchase contract (buyer’s email address, IP address, purchase time, payment details, purchase content) and possible subsequent identification of the buyer’s and purchase content if such a need arises, as well as in compliance with the accounting and record keeping obligations in the regulatory enactments. Personal data entered on the Buyer’s Site shall be kept for two years from the date of the event and then this data is deleted from the site’s active database.
        2. The processing of personal data of Registered Users of the Site to identify users and provide them with the benefits of Registered Users of the Site, including the following data: email address, registration time, IP address, and social networking information when a registered user has attracted social networks to identify users and provide them with the benefits of Registered Users of the Site. In the event that registered users of the site delete their registered user profiles, DevClub.lv will delete the personal data specified in the profile of these users.
        3. The processing of personal data for persons who have submitted a request for information about the site’s newsletter, which includes the email address, login time, IP address. For these persons, DevClub.lv regularly sends information about the news to the indicated email address until the relevant persons refuse to receive newsletters. Anyone can refuse from receiving news updates at any time. In this case, the news is no longer sent and the person’s email address is deleted.
        4. The processing of personal data of various competitions, stock and lottery players in accordance with the procedure and rules for realization of the particular shares.
        5. Cookie storage and processing in accordance with the Cookie Terms.
        6. The processing of personal data in the correspondence provided by customers and users to the Site’s customer service in order to ensure the provision of full answers in sequential correspondence, if any, which includes the maintenance of the user’s email address and the maintenance of the contents of the email.
      3. Purchase of event tickets in accordance with the requirements of the organizers of events is obligatory for the entry and transfer of data of visitors to the tickets or events to the organizers of the specific events, in order for these event organizers to fully ensure the course of the event, to inform about possible changes in the course of the event or with the consent of the individual purchasers of the tickets – also to inform about similar events and actions related to the events organized by them.
      4. DevClub.lv transfers personal data for processing to law enforcement authorities in the manner prescribed by regulatory enactments and processing of cookies by other processors in accordance with the rules of use of cookies.
      5. Any person has the right to request the use of Browser’s access to their personal data and their correction or deletion or restriction of processing, and has the right to object to the processing of their personal data, as well as the right to transfer their personal data.
      6. Every person has the right to file a complaint with the personal data processing supervisory authority provided in the Republic of Latvia by the Data State Inspection.
      7. The provision of personal information to the Site is determined in accordance with the Site Terms of Use, purchase agreement or on the basis of a person’s wish to receive any services or facilities offered by the Site. In the event that a person does not wish to provide his or her personal data in the above cases, a situation may arise that DevClub.lv can not meet the needs of the person and / or provide a ticket purchase service.


      1. The Buyer is responsible for the correct input of the Buyers and the ticket user data by the purchase. When entering incorrect data, the ticket may not be delivered or the person may not be allowed to event.
      2. DevClub.lv does not assume responsibility for lost tickets and situations where tickets are made available to third parties by the Buyer’s fault. Responsible for these situations is the Buyer.

Other rules

    1. All disputes and disagreements are solved between both sides, but if no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be resolved by the court of the Republic of Latvia according to the place of registration of the DevClub.lv.
    2. DevClub.lv has the right to cancel any purchase if there is a suspicion of the alleged fraudulent nature of the transaction or the use of any other person’s billing information.
    3. DevClub.lv reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time.